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Sleep is essential, believe it or not.

More improv tonight. Hell, I have nothing else pre-written, to tell the truth, so I have to just wing it every time I post on here. This is a mix of the Jeremy and Richard drama, because I am just good at recalling emotions like that... and partially to all those people who know that I am going to fail at everyjthing that I do, but do not have the balls to come out and tell me to my face. Right. And so proceed you.

Listen to your song just one more time.
There is something like pain in the words.
All of these years, you have made me believe.
Now I see that there is nothing,
And there never was,
And there never will be.

I hate the times you made me cry,
The days you broke the skies and
Dropped their dark burden upon my hands.

There is something like evil,
But something much more sweet,
And you hold it right in your hands.

These hands that have made me cry, smile, kill.
God, these hands...
These powerful, hateful, and lustful objects.

You hold my soul in your small, cupped palms,
And I am powerless, faithless.
My dreams awake and beckon to the sleeping tides,
But there is nothing that I can do,
And no one that I can tell,
But, in the end, I hope

I still have pieces of you.

There is a pun on 'right' in the third stanza. That was important to me. Opened a lot of doors. No reason.

I think I'll go sleep now. Thanks.
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