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for clarification

If you guys did not realize from the user info page of this community, and my icon, I am obsessed with Hamlet,and, well, you probably knew that. This is my community, so there is a lot of Hamlet in it. And, as for the name of it, it comes from the poem I am about to post. It has a pretty obvious Hamlet allusion in it, if you know what allusion is, and if you have read Hamlet.

Stare long enough to make the colors blur.
You move without motion,
Or at least it seems.
Slow swaying ambition knocks.

A shadow's shadow, they say,
But this Beggar cannot see.

So, there you have it. It is from the scene where Hamlet first displays his madness to Polonius and they have the dialogue about his daughter and old men, and then it proceeds to the meeting of Guildenstern and Rosencratz with the "Denmark is a prison... but thinking makes it so... too narrow for you mind... nutshell... king of infinite space... bad dreams... ambition..." You know how it goes. If not, I'll act it out for you later.

I think I will fall asleep listening to my Hamlet audio tonight. This Brit Lit thing, which has mad me angry, is renewing my passion.
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