shefsheef (shefsheef) wrote in beggars_shadow,

the beggar steps back in the light.

The Brit Lit final was today, and I hate Brit Lit... so, right. I finished it quickly because I am just insane with English and things like that, and Karl and I crammed a little, so the stuff was fresh. Anyway, these next poems I post are from the extra time in Brit Lit.

Elaborate blue lines
On this sea of carpet.
So vast and symbolic.
But, after tomorrow,
This room means nothing.*

Three extended situations
All separate but somehow intertwined.
During this plague of annual graduation,
Perhaps there is nothing to find.

Such bliss and self elation.
Two situations so inclined,
One mor subtly defined.
Bliss and hatred and excitemen, all combined.

Despite the words they say,
True happiness and excitement is found in 209.

*The original copy says, "(until Contemp Lit)", which I remembered will bring me back to this room, and Fegan. Good times.

Yes, I said two. I'll post the other one separately.
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