shefsheef (shefsheef) wrote in beggars_shadow,

God, if I have angered you... please, I apologize, and stop the rage.

Other one. This one is a little more Lit of the Brits focused, and it is from actual observations during the final.... for the most part.

Such focused concentration
Wasted between the circles and lines.
Watch this white; it silently dances,
And the ease it without your mind.

"They are but words" perhaps, they say.
The importance is shallowly defined.
"Mere words... letters and nothing more."
But, this depiction is perhaps a lie.

Ease and relaxation,
Simply and easily defined.
One more mass implication.
Struggling and screaming
In sordid exclaimation;
They are but symbols:
Curves and lines.

This pen may be mighter,
But only when it is inclined.

I am really hot. I think I will camp tonight, or something. I need air badly.
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