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If I ever have a child, I should work "extemporaneous" into the name, somehow...

You say there is madness behind my eyes.
But you stare through them,
Citing the angry and thin disguise.

If there is something that you can see,
Please tell me, don't covet, don't lie.
Illuminate in the momment,
But shallow and empty.

Existence through surrender,
Pain, exilleration, Hatred.
Trapped in solidarity,
And you keep me confined.

I can see the light.
Shinning with brilliant will.
But nothing I do will suffice
and my spirit is hindered.

There is nothing that you can see.
You are blinded and shrouded in the dark.
Trapped in painful angry melancholy
You expect a shinning surrender,
something that never can be.

With this hold that you tighten,
Iron and glass and gold.
What do you expect from me?
I am still but seventeen years old.

The strength, fragility, and beauty line means the most to me. Find it in the symbolism, and I will give you a dollar when I am not poor anymore. It's pretty obvious... you can do it...

And, I'm adding prose to the shadow. Because I run it, and I can do that. So, if you think that your poetry is terrible, even though it probably isn't, you can now write a little something without all that poety stuff, and post it just for my enjoyment. Thanks.
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