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"Ambitions are but the shadows of a dream"

But I would hold ambition so airy and light a quality...

Young Poet's Outlet
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There is not enough access to poetry, and the communities that do exist are biased. The intimacy that reading someone else's unconscious display of soul bares, creates an unbreakable bond, and there is not enough of these opportunities available. I am tired of having a silenced voice that merely squeaks in the vast melancholy of life. This community makes it possible for YOU to bare your inner thoughts, and to release the artist that most of you do not know is hiding in you. I love poetry, and all of you would, too, but it is so trivialized and weakened in conventional life. Rediscovering this passion WILL make you feel, and make you gain a passion that is perhaps lacking. All criticisms will be performed tastefully, and no one will be humiliated, without fear of my punishment.
"art for art's sake", alliteration, allusion, archiac language, assonace, cantos, coleridge, connsonance, diction, end rhyme, epic poetry, hardy, imagery, lyrical prose, meter, passion, poetry, rhetoric, rime, shakespeare, sonnets, symbolism, tone, well-performed speeches